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Versenyképesség a hazai energetika tükrében

Szeretettel meghívjuk a Versenyképesség a hazai energetika tükrében című konferenciára.
A konferencia időpontja: 2017. május 31. (szerda) 9 – 15 óra A konferencia helye: Corvinus Egyetem (Budapest, IX. ker. Fővám tér 8. Nagy előadó) 
A meghívó és a konferencia részletes programja a linkekre kattintva érhető el.

7 years 11 projects – HUF 3,8 billion subsidy!

The success of BRUNNEN Hőtechnika Kft. in the KEOP

Our company and its staff and professional partners contributed to the below projects in the framework of the ‘New Hungary’ (Új Magyarország) and New Széchenyi Plan Environment and Energy Operational Programs (Új Széchenyi Terv Környezet és Energia Operatív Programok):

Hitch in the execution of the thermal project in Makó

The thermal project in Makó has been constructed as planned (with our company as main contractor, the renovation of the production well is finished, the 5 km thermal grid, the water mechanics of the production and injection surface thermal base, the complex restructuring of the consumer heat centres, the supervision control system of the production system led by heavy and light electricity are built) and only the construction of two more injection wells were to be finished (the preparedness level of one of them is 85% ) when an unexpected geological anomaly occurred which

Thermal project in Csongrád completed

The execution of the project was finished on 22 June 2012 and by now the constructors are already done with the successful trial run as well. The project, with the collaboration of our company, came up to the expectations: thanks to the renovation works carried out, the production well is capable of more than 85 m3/h yield and operates with an outlet temperature higher than 85 degrees instead of the former 60 m3/h and maximum of 68 degrees!

Thermal project in Békéscsaba under trial run

The geothermal improvement of Árpád Medical Bath and Swimming Pool (Árpád Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) has been finished. The technical handover of the system was completed on 7 August after the one-moth operational adjustment period.