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Thermal project in Békéscsaba under trial run

The geothermal improvement of Árpád Medical Bath and Swimming Pool (Árpád Gyógy- és Strandfürdő) has been finished. The technical handover of the system was completed on 7 August after the one-moth operational adjustment period. Based on the plans of BRUNNEN Hőtechnika Kft., the key technical elements of the project involved of the following:
  • the complex renovation of two thermal water wells, ensuring higher utilisation
  • modernisation of the surface well-mechanics technology
  • renovation of secondary heat supply systems, adapting the heat deliverers to the available thermal heat temperature
  • establishment of a telemechanic remote supervision system
  • modernisation of the water treatment technology
The investment was carried out by GREENMEN Energia Kft. on the primer side and by Békés-drén Kft. on the secondary side.

The achievements of the project:
  • substitution of crude gas with geothermal heat
  • substitution of cold water for cooling purposes with thermal water, higher quality balneology services
  • operation cost savings
  • return on investment in four years