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Our partner businesses, civil organizations, professional connections relating to our project preparation and building, applied research and development and information services activities:

K-P Kontúr Kft.Project planning, feasibility studies
EU-Fire Kft.
Project planning
Geoterm Invest Kft.
Project financing
Consulting 3i Bt.Thermal water supply test, analysis and studies
KVÍZ 2000 Bt.Design of wells
InnoGeo Kft.Scientific and research and development tasks
Project Assistance Bt.Preparing and management of tender applications
ENORA KftExecution of engineering plan chapters, heat- and water engineering
ROTARY Drilling Zrt.
Well drilling and renovation of wells
Kelly Kútjavító Kft.
Well drilling and renovation of wells
Magyar Termálenergia TársaságProtection of consumer’s interests, information services
Geotermikus Koordinációs és Innovációs Alapítvány
Scientific research, hydrologic developments