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About Us

Brunnen Hőtechnika Kft was established as a project company by individuals in order to carry out municipal geothermic projects as of 2006 and pursue design, execution and professional investment tasks. The professional background staff of the company is provided by experts having operated in relevant thermal power projects taken place in Hungary and by experienced executor corporations as external cooperators with the necessary capacity and expertise.

The company’s staff and assets are both suitable to fully provide these services. A Társaság személyi- és eszközállománya alkalmas a feladatok maradéktalan elvégzésére. Technical, economist, communication, tender and construction experts are at the disposal of the management of the company. Specialized know-how capacity is available with us in respect of especially the technical, engineering and research & development field with a vast professional experience.

The practical experience of our management dates back to over 15 years in geothermal developments. Our specialty is the utilization of renewable alternative energy and our main profile is especially geothermal energy whereas our company can provide all related quality services with the support of our existing subcontractor network. Besides geothermal energy, the competences of our team qualifies us to apply any renewable energy solutions or to implement rationalization projects aimed at promoting energy efficiency. Our team’s composition makes it virtually possible to deliver ‘turnkey’ projects.

Introduction of the professional management of the company:

Gaál István

Technical director
Building mechanics operational engineer
Building mechanics leading designer,
Building mechanics expert

Kurunczi Mihály Certified economist-operational engineer, managing director
GREENMEN Kft. project director
K-P Kontúr Kft. managing director
President of the Hungarian Thermal Energy Association
Fazekasné Czakó Ilona Certified electronics engineer, energetic specialist
EU energy auditor
External expert
Dr. Szanyi János Certified geologist-mathematician, honorary university adjunct (SZTE)
External expert
Olasz József Hydrogeolgist designer engineer
External expert
Dr. Kóbor Balázs Certified geologist, chief university associate
Inno-Geo Kft. managing director
Dél-alföldi Termálenergetikai Klaszter director
External tender expert
Szilágyi Csaba
Leading designer, responsible chief technician
Building mechanics operational engineer
Kékesi János Certified silicate chemial mechanical engineer
Gas industry specialized engineer
Dr. Medgyes Tamás Tender manager
R+ D project manager
Pacskó Noémi GREENMEN Kft. managing director
Aracsi Tamás IT manager
External expert