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Thermal project in Csongrád completed

The execution of the project was finished on 22 June 2012 and by now the constructors are already done with the successful trial run as well. The project, with the collaboration of our company, came up to the expectations: thanks to the renovation works carried out, the production well is capable of more than 85 m3/h yield and operates with an outlet temperature higher than 85 degrees instead of the former 60 m3/h and maximum of 68 degrees! This makes it possible for all of the planned institutions to join the system and ensures the availability of the indicators undertaken at the KEOP tender. The investor of the HUF 415 million project was Csoterm Kft. a company owned predominantly by the municipality and the execution was carried out by our company and our partner, GREENMEN Energia Kft. The investment was financed by a HUF 150 million KEOP tender subsidy which was “brought by” our company and a loan with the municipality as guarantor.

The main construction elements of the project:
  • complex renovation and installation of a 2,090 m deep production thermal well
  • construction of thermal water production water mechanics base
  • renovation of 3 km thermal grid, building of 1 km new grid
  • restructuring of the thermal heat centres of current thermal heat users (central heating plant, Sághy Technical School, Social Home, Medical Office) and increasing their utilisation
  • connection of new thermal heat consumers (Batsányi Grammar School, Mayor’s Office, Kossuth School and Nursery, Bársony Agricultural Technical School, Musical School, ten-storey blocks of flats, municipal thermal bath) to the system and construction of their heat receiver centres
  • establishment of an automatic telemechanic remote supervision system

The planned achievements of the project:
  • enlarging the application of local, environmentally friendly, renewable energy source and increasing its utilisation, doubling the utilisation of the current thermal system
  1. increasing the thermal capacity from 1,5 MW to 5 MW;
  2. increasing the heat amount from 28,000 GJ to 56,000 GJ;
  3. saving 230,000 m3 water/year out of 500,000 m3 thermal water;
  • substitution of 920,000 m3 crude gas
  • reduction of 1,663 t carbon dioxide emission
  • HUF 70 million cost saving in municipal, district and governmental institutions